Me: How did you feel when you were watching your dad in court?

Scout: It felt kind of weird watching Atticus do his job and him not knowing I was there and also that I had never seen him like this before, he seemed so determined to win the case and show everyone Tom Robinsons case.

Me: Did you think Tom Robinson was an innocent man or not?

Scout: Tom was definitely innocent and it wasn’t at all fair that he lost the case and got shot if anything it should have been Bob Ewell who got shot because he was a liar and a terribly racist man that everyone else believed because he was white.

Me: how did you feel that your father was always out doing work and barely with you?  

Scout: It doesn’t really make a difference to me when my dad works because I’m always out doing things with Jem and Dill and in the evening when I  come home my dad is there so really when I’m home he is.

Me: What kind of relationship do you have to Calpurnia your maid?

Scout: Cal is like a mother to me as my biological mum died before I was born and I haven’t had any other mother figures except her. Calpurnia has helped me through hard times and explained many of the mysteries of Maycomb I struggled to understand, she has also put me in my place when I was either disrespectful or unkind.

Me: Are you and Jem well behaved for your father or are you always getting into mischievous trouble?

Scout: I have to be honest Jem and I are always off wandering and looking for trouble and we don’t stop arguing with our dad until we get what we want but that’s not usually the case. We usually listen to our father when we are not out and about causing mayhem or daring each other to go to the Radley house.