Atticus and Tom Robinson in court

Left: Aticus "One-Shot" Finch. Right: The late Tom Robinson

Sunday, September 16th 1934

Maycomb TimesEdit

Sunday Edition

Nite Capped!!Edit

A death has occurred in our small county town of Maycomb. The victim, Tom Robinson, a black man working for the Ewell’s has been shot to death last night at the jail.

The black worker was well known for his straightforwardness and had a reputation for sticking to his word. With no offences under his name for his entire life, it was quite a surprise that the goal was his permanent resident.

Recently though, Robinson was accused of molesting his boss, Bob Ewell’s daughter Mayella Ewell. The matter was raised and settled at court with Atticus Finch, local of Maycomb, as his lawyer. After a hard-fought battle, Robinson was convicted of molesting Mayella Ewell. This was the night before Robinson was shot.

A distressed family member and long-time church friend of Robinson claim that he would never have run away from goal. Given in the state Robinson was in, experts cannot be sure.

Authorities would not say how Robinson died, but it is widely circulated that while attempting to escape, the guards warned Robinson not to, and was shot after not complying.

An autopsy shows that the body of Robinson contained 15 bullet pellets lodged in his body with 17 holes. It was the angle of the bullet, says one of the doctors, that shows he was still running even though he had been shot, giving credibility to the story that he was “attempting to escape.

Authorities and doctors have had no other say about the matter.

This is the second death we had in Maycomb this year with Ms Dubose in early February.

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