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Quiz Batman!!!!Edit

1. The narrator of the story is _____.

  • Dill
  • Scout
  • Jem
  • Boo

2. The first chapter focuses on telling stories. This primarily serves to:

  • Mimic the random thoughts in Scout's mind
  • Tie each of the individual characters to their family and history
  • Lengthen the novel
  • Make the story appealing to a younger audience

3. Scout and Jem are how old when the novel begins? (respectively)

  • 5 and 8
  • 6 and 10
  • 8 and 12
  • 9 and 13

4. What is the reason for the author's choice of a young narrator?

  • To allow the story to be presented by someone who cannot take an active role
  • To remove moral bias from the story
  • To allow the narrator to mature as the story progresses
  • All of the above

5. Superstition causes the children to be afraid of which family's house?

  • Radley
  • Harris
  • Finch
  • Robinson

6. Scout is unusual for a first grader because:

  • She is taller than all the other children
  • She can read and write
  • She speaks a foreign language
  • She can outrun all the boys

7. The school setting in the second chapter allows Lee to:

  • Blame the education system for the incidents which follow in the novel
  • Introduce the reader to the various families, as well as their peculiarities, in Maycomb county
  • Show the general disrespect that children have for authority
  • Denounce the segregation of blacks and whites

8. How much time do the Ewell children spend in school?

  • The first day of every school year
  • Through the sixth grade
  • None
  • Through college

9. The Ewell family is

  • A family of both black and white people
  • Supportive of equal rights for all races
  • Highly respected in town
  • One of the poorest, least educated families in Maycomb

10. Walter Cunningham surprises Scout in which of the following ways?

  • He discusses farming in a very mature way with Atticus
  • He pours molasses onto his food
  • He failed to pass first grade due to his having to leave to work on the farm
  • All of the above

11. What items to Scout and Jem take from the knot-hole in one of the oak trees in the Radley's front yard?

  • Gum
  • Pennies
  • both Gum and Pennies
  • None of the above

12. What activity do Dill, Scout and Jem frequently like to play with respect to the Radley family?

  • They all run into the Radley yard and touch the house before fleeing
  • They all pretend to be various members of the Radley family and act out the stabbing scene
  • They all role tires into the yard
  • None of the above

13. When Jem and Dill start to exclude Scout from their activities, with whom does she spend more time?

  • Boo Radley
  • Calpurnia
  • Atticus
  • Maudie Atkinson

14. What do Jem, Dill and Scout do that causes Mr. Radley to shoot at them?

  • He catches them once again play-acting Boo Radley stabbing his father
  • They sneak into the Radley yard and try to peak into a window
  • Jem accidentally hits the Radley house while practicing with his new gun
  • He catches them stealing money that has been hidden in a tree in his yard

15. Mr. Radley's plugging up the knot-hole best symbolizes which of the following?

  • The futile attempt to prolong life by patching up deadly wounds
  • The loss of childhood pleasures and the transition to adulthood responsibilities
  • The sealing off of generosity
  • The withdrawal of Boo Radley from society forever

16. Which two characters are the "outcasts" of the novel, maligned by Maycomb society?

  • Calpurnia and Aunt Alexandra
  • Jem and Scout
  • Boo Radley and Maudie Atkinson
  • Boo Radley and Tom Robinson

17. After Atticus Finch agrees to defend Tom Robinson, what does Scout hear at school?

  • Atticus is "an immigrant"
  • Atticus is "a nigger lover"
  • Atticus is "a coward"
  • Atticus is "a racist"

18. For Christmas, Jem and Scout receive what presents while staying with their Uncle Jack?

  • Gum
  • Air rifles
  • Pennies
  • Puppies

19. Aunt Alexandra's grandson Francis calls Atticus a "nigger-lover"; how does Scout react?

  • She stays silent, exactly as Atticus had ordered her to
  • She punches him in the mouth
  • She screams at him and waits until the adults arrive
  • She runs away

20. Why does Atticus know that he will lose his case with Tom Robinson?

  • Because Tom actually committed the rape, and everyone in the town knows it
  • Because the judge is biased
  • Because it is the word of a black man against a white man, and the jury will listen to the white man
  • Because the Ewells are well respected in the town

21. What is the best reason for why Atticus accepts a case that he knows he will lose?

  • To maintain his conscience and his integrity
  • To raise a furor within the town of Maycomb
  • Because he needs the money
  • Because he is befriended with the Robinson family

22. Which of the following are parallels in the novel?

  • Both Atticus and Scout fighting communal tradition and Tom and Boo being ostracized
  • Tom Robinson and Boo Radley being ostracized by society
  • Atticus and Scout fighting communal tradition to maintain their individual identities
  • None of the above

23. When Jem and Scout get their air guns, what does Atticus tell them it is a sin to shoot?

  • Bluebirds
  • A mockingbird
  • Dogs
  • Tin cans

24. Atticus' role in shooting the rabid dog best foreshadows what future role that he will assume?

  • His status as a single father to Scout and Jem
  • His role in putting down the mob that wants to lynch Tom Robinson
  • His role as being a defender of the truth for the entire community
  • None of the above

25. Which character is most like a mockingbird in the metaphorical sense?

  • Boo Radley
  • Atticus Finch
  • Scout Finch
  • Tom Robinson